The future of risk management

We build software to give you clarity and certainty where risk management and resilience are essential

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The future of risk management, Audit and emergency response

Citadel provides a suite of tools for a scalable and consistent approach to risk management and compliance across your enterprise that includes an emergency response and learning management system. Data is captured efficiently and effectively, saving you time and delivering a single and complete picture of your business's vulnerabilities. Areas of potential risk or non-compliance are identified and the integrated Risk Register allows speed of action to mitigate any risk that cannot be tolerated. Having identified potential areas of risk, the integrated emergency response and learning management system enables the organisation to digitise all of its emergency response plans and training needs. Thereby enabling any organisation to respond faster and more effectively to any emergency, enhancing speed of recovery and improved resilience.

  • Assess

  • Assess and Audit that is evidence based
  • Identify

  • Identify the risks from the assessments

  • Allocate

  • Using the Risk Register delegate the mitigating actions to an owner

  • Mitigate

  • Mitigate the issue and then close off the risk

  • Respond and Recover

  • Online response and recovery plans

  • Train

  • Citadel includes a Training/Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Understand

  • Ability to model critical interdependencies using graph software.

Simple, Secure, Scalable

Making better-informed decisions faster

an enterprise wide picture of the risks facing your organisation

gain confidence in your governance and assurance procedures

real time situational awareness and understanding

enabling better and faster decision making that is evidence based and fully auditable

a scalable and consistent approach to risk

a clear understanding about your business’ risks

arx technology

Working in challenging regulatory and operational environments and the need for rigorous compliance do not have to mean bespoke software development.

We have built a technology stack leveraging industry best practices for cyber security and using the latest micro service architecture and a generic, modular framework.

This technology stack is the foundation of Citadel, giving organisations a COTS capability with enterprise grade features - without the price tag of bespoke software

  • Data Encryption

    All data is held in secure UK data centers and is encrypted in transit and at rest

  • Citadel is built on an API structure that allows both incoming and outgoing data to be shared with multiple other sites and applications. This allows Citadel to be used as a central hub for data sharing, and it makes it easy to integrate Citadel with other systems. The API structure of Citadel is designed to be flexible allowing Citadel to be used in a variety of different ways, and it makes it easy to integrate Citadel with other systems. For example the Threat Vector multiplier can take a feed from an external API and automatically rerun an assessment if the threat changes. Citadel can then disseminate notifications to relevant parties or provide feedback to one of the organisation's external APIs to send notifications. The Map function is another example of how Citadel ingests data and blends information into a single view.

  • Customisable hierarchical access control

  • The BSI Kitemark for Secure Digital Transactions rigorously and independently tests websites or apps to make sure they have the security controls in place for the financial and/or personal information they are handling.

    It requires a website or an app to undergo rigorous and independent testing and producers of websites or apps from banking to entertainment can reassure their clients by displaying the BSI Kitemark on their product and in their marketing materials.

Our Mission

we are on a mission to help improve risk management

At arx, we have worked in high risk and highly regulated environments. We have had the operational responsibility for some of the country’s most sensitive facilities and missions both on the ground and in the air. We know from first hand experience how vital risk management is to delivering success.

Our values

Commitment to our customers

At arx, we believe in team work and putting our customers first. We will work with you to find the best possible solutions that meet your challenges and requirements.


We believe in delivery and in doing the important things well. We maintain the highest standards providing our customers with the best possible service.


We will always give you an honest assessment of what is possible and quote you a fair price.

Our Story

We have a shared experience of working in some of the most challenging and demanding environments where successful risk management is critical to success. We know how difficult it can be to know and understand the full range of risks to which you might be exposed whilst trying to make the most demanding of operational decisions.

Having the ability to make the right call when weighing up the potential risks and benefits is a key differentiator.

Risk Management can be a resource intensive process. Procedures that require manual interventions and spreadsheets are slow and costly both in terms of the time they take and the financial cost.

Our founding belief and key motivator behind arx Partners is that the right technology will deliver secure, faster and better outcomes.

News and Views

Capturing accurate performance data that gives a true picture is difficult

Most of the companies with which we work will conduct regular risk audits. Whilst companies recognise the need to review their risk posture to assure themselves that the range of measures they have put in place are delivering their intended effect and that the company’s policies and procedures are being followed, their approach can vary significantly. Read More

Our Founders

Richard Thompson

Managing Partner

following a thirty-three year career in government service dealing with some of the most challenging operational, policy and regulatory issues, I fully appreciated the importance of excellent risk management and the power of technology. Having the right technology in place can transform the speed and the quality of decision making.

Andrew Wood

Managing Partner

As an aviator, first as a helicopter pilot and continuing as a B747 Captain I was immersed in a highly regulated and risk-averse environment.
I started developing internet technology in 1998 when the web began to become popular. Utilising both skill sets I have guided the development team to produce the Citadel software.

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